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Global Summer Programs @ JWU

Global Summer Programs
Johnson & Wales University's Global Summer Programs offers workshops, seminars and laboratory classes in collaboration with organizations and institutions that are partners with JWU. The programs range from cultural programming and direct coursework to industry excursion options and more - anything is possible.

Global Summer Programs brochure

Customizable and Thematic Program Options
JWU is offering the opportunity for deeper educational collaboration with our international communities and partners. Some of these programs will be led by JWU faculty, while various external resources, approved by JWU, may lead other programs. Use the buttons below to learn more about each theme and the JWU campuses hosting each theme.
English Language Requirements
A nomination letter from the student's home educational institution ensuring their English language proficiency must accompany the application materials. English language practice is part of our Language & Culture modules.

Highlights and Benefits of Programs for Partners and Students
  • Accommodations are in shared dormitory-type rooms, on or near campus. 
  • The average cost of a two-week program is $3,200 and includes accommodations, arrival services, most meals, educational modules, and program activities and excursions. Customized program content and fees are available.
  • Each JWU campus is located in an easily-accessible city and within proximity to major transportation.
  • JWU collaborates with a large number of industry partners in many of the world's top global and influential cities.
  • Programs run for one to four weeks during June, July, or August and at one or more of JWU's four campuses.
  • All programs are collaborations that focus on multi-dimensional interaction and innovation.
  • Students practice creative thinking by exploring possibilities and ideas that are "outside the box".
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