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In Case of Emergency

Students Abroad 

In Case of Emergency: 
If you experience a crisis while traveling abroad, you are not alone.  Study Abroad is only a phone call away, day or night.  Having worked with thousands of students overseas, we have considerable experience working through individual crisis moments and weaving a net of support between the student, program leaders, parents and outside resources as needed.
FIRST – Notify your program leader so they can assist you in your next steps
SECOND –  JWU Safety & Security at the 24/7 Support Number: 401-598-1103
All students from all JWU campuses use this number. They will notify JWU Study Abroad through Study Abroad leadership will be immediately notified of your situation.
If Medical Services are needed:
Know your country’s “911” emergency code
Call your study abroad insurance global assistance services which are available 24/7. 
JWU Study Abroad enrolls most study abroad students in international medical insurance coverage for the duration of the program.
API/CIEE/Semester at Sea provide their own medical insurance to participants on their programs. 

Please follow these steps depending on the type of emergency: 
Medical emergency:
Seek medical help by calling your host country’s medical emergency number
Contact on-site resident director or host university’s international office
Contact JWU Safety & Security
Call family at home
Contact your insurance company if necessaryNatural disaster/political uprising:
Seek medical help if necessary
Contact on-site resident director or host university’s international office
Contact JWU Safety & Security
Monitor local and foreign news sources
Call family at home
Contact your in-country embassy or consulate  

Psychological difficulties:
Talk to your on-site resident director or host university’s international office about the difficulties you are experiencing
Contact JWU Safety & Security
Seek counseling and mental health support
Call family at home 
Contact insurance company if necessary Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault Studying Abroad

Sexual Assault or misconduct: 
If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct that occurred abroad, what happened to you was not your fault. The university's commitment to fostering an environment free from gender discrimination (including discrimination based on gender identity and expression), sexual harassment, and sexual violence extends to all students studying abroad. There are both confidential and private resources available to you, please visit the JWU Title IX website for more information.