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Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I afford to study abroad? 
Study abroad programs can range in price depending on what program type and location you choose! Most of our program offerings allow you to utilize your JWU scholarships to fund your experience abroad. Additionally, many of our affiliate programs offer program-specific scholarships to lower costs. In reality, study abroad costs are often similar to what you would be paying for a semester at JWU, sometimes even less! Talk to your financial planner, and research external scholarships to understand how to keep study abroad affordable!

How does study abroad impact my degree progression?
Study abroad programs will use available credits in your GPS to keep you on track. Free electives can be the easiest credits to use abroad, but many programs offer courses that are equivalent to your major classes or even experiential education credits. Talk to your academic counselor to see how study abroad can fit in your credits!

Do I have to go abroad for a full semester?
No! JWU offers a wide variety of program lengths, starting at around two weeks and extending all the way through full semesters. JWU Faculty Led programs tend to be the shorter programs, so look for those if you are searching for a shorter duration! 

How do I apply to study abroad?
To apply for study abroad, you should open an application for your program of choice on our website,! Once you research our programs and select one that you would like to attend, click APPLY NOW, to officially open an application. This process consists of completing some questionnaires, providing some materials, and paying the application fee. When you submit all online materials, study abroad will review your application! Reach out to JWU Study Abroad if you need assistance, and keep an eye out for our study abroad application workshops! 

How do I pick a program?
Selecting a program depends on what you want to achieve. Some programs, like ENSP in France, are major-specific, and grant hands-on experiences for their students. Other programs, like our partners CIEE or API, provide a wide range of course offerings, making them perfect for students who want to take general studies courses or fulfill their free electives! Still unsure? Then think about the 3 Cs, Culture, Climate, and Cuisine! 

When do I apply?
There are four application deadlines for study abroad that correspond with Fall semester, Spring semester, Spring Break, and Summer programs. You can apply as early as you want for a program that is open, just ensure that you are completing the application prior to the current study abroad deadline.

Can I study abroad even though I’m a first-year student?
Yes! First-year students have a unique opportunity to study abroad early! We offer Expanding the Freshman Experience in Berlin, Germany, but we also allow freshman to apply to our Spring Break and Summer Faculty-Led programs! Studying abroad early is a great way for students to grow academically and personally. Talk to your study abroad advisor for more information of programs that first-year students can apply to. 

How do I pick classes?
After you are accepted, JWU Study Abroad will work with you to fill out a Course Equivalency Form. By looking at your chosen program’s course catalog, we will find courses that fulfill your degree requirements, and will select them for your study abroad experience! This process will begin closer to the program deadline, approximately four months prior to departing the U.S.

More questions? Talk to your study abroad advisor or make an advising appointment!