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Returning from Abroad

Just because your study abroad program is finishing does not mean that your international experience is over. We encourage you to keep the experience alive. Stay involved in international opportunities. Pursue your new interest. Apply the skills you gained abroad in meaningful ways.

We also understand that returning from abroad is an adjustment process of its own. We encourage our Study Abroad Alumni to stay involved with our international education community by becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador. 

Our office provides resources to help students in returning from abroad. The Study Abroad Re-Entry booklet prepares students for the effects of reverse-culture shock, how to articulate their international experience on a résumé, and much more. The electronic version of this document can be found here:
Study Abroad Reentry Booklet.

Students can also connect with many study abroad alumni through regional returnee conferences around the country! The JWU Study Abroad Office sponsors a select number of students to participate each year. Contact your regional study abroad office to learn about this initiative. To find out more on the events, check out the ones closest to you!

New England Study Abroad Returnee Conference

North Carolina Study Abroad Returnee Conference

Rocky Mountain Region Study Abroad Returnee Conference

Don't see your area listed? Find the full listing of these events throughout the country here. If there still isn't one close to you - perhaps you could be the one to design a study abroad returnee conference in your area! Contact the JWU Study Abroad Office for tips on creating such an event!
Colosseum - Rome, Italy