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Travel Advisories

As you prepare for international travel, please be reminded to use extra caution and awareness. There may be increased security and delays in airports, other transportation areas, and other public spaces which may affect your travel. Please be vigilant with your personal safety and review the information contained online and in the prepared orientation material and covered at our JWU pre-departure orientation. JWU has a robust travel risk management team that works closely with our program partners overseas, including exchange, internship, affiliate, and institutional partners, who alert us regarding international events, offering suggested actions and responses. 
  • Please stay updated regarding the U.S. government’s assessment by monitoring U.S. Dept. of State Travel Advisories.  
  • In addition, the following links contain information for any students, faculty, or staff traveling abroad.

Travel Advisories
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
The world is a complex environment.  As a result, when traveling anywhere, it is important to be aware of current events, stay vigilant, and have a communications plan. Please share this information with your families and enjoy your time abroad!