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Proposing Study Abroad Programs


The JWU Office of Study Abroad is eager to help faculty and departments develop new study abroad programs. We are particularly interested in developing JWU faculty-led programs that are integrated into departmental or program curricula, and which promote 1) experiential learning in the form of community engagement, field work, internships, video projects or other kinds of hands-on activities, 2) sustainability, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and/or 3) foreign language acquisition. Programs can vary in duration and run during spring break, May Term, part of the summer or for an entire term.

If you are interested in proposing a new Study Abroad program, we are here to help you through the process. Please carefully read the Study Abroad Formal Program Proposal, which will give you an overview of the process, instructions for proposing a new program and the program proposal sheet. When considering a new Study Abroad program, please remember that accrediting guidelines require each program to meet a minimum number of contact hours: 45 contact hours for a 3 credit experience, 90 contact hours for a 6 credit experience, and 135 contact hours for a 9 credit experience.  Please be sure to review and reference the Contact Hour Guidelines when proposing a new Study Abroad Program.

Completed proposals should be submitted online no later than 18-24 months prior to the start of the proposed program. After submission, the proposal will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Advisory Committee (SAAC) that meets on a regular basis during the fall, winter and spring terms. Faculty can expect to receive an approval, rejection, or a “revise and resubmit” shortly after the meeting in which the proposal was reviewed. Once the proposal is approved, an implementation meeting will be set up with staff from Study Abroad to discuss all the steps necessary to organize the program.

If you have any questions, please call Study Abroad at: 401-598-1406.  


The Study Abroad Program Management team is a university resource for streamlining the logistical development of academic programs abroad and providing consistency across legal and safety standards. Please review the general Office of Study Abroad Resources for your information.  In addition, Study Abroad can also facilitate promoting visibility of the program to the larger campus community through the Study Abroad website.