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Study Abroad Faculty Leaders


Faculty must submit a Faculty Leader application online through our website in order to be considered for selection as a Faculty Leader. Faculty Leaders are selected by the Departmental Deans, the Director of Study Abroad and the Study Abroad Advisory and Curriculum Committee the summer before the academic year begins.  All Faculty Leaders are required to participate in faculty trainings, program marketing and student preparation throughout the academic year.


JWU faculty-led Study Abroad programs typically rotate faculty and have one or two faculty leaders.  In some cases there are two faculty leaders who share the delivery of the academic content, and in other cases there is one faculty leader in charge of delivering academic content and a program assistant.  For many of our programs, it's important to have two JWU representatives with the student group, but the program budgets cannot always support two faculty members in an academic role.  We can however support another faculty in a non-academic role.  In some cases, an academic faculty leader will travel alone, with strong support from an in-country partner.  

A list of current faculty-led programs can be found here.

Faculty leaders and faculty leader teams are selected jointly by Study Abroad and the academic leadership, taking into consideration campus rotation, individual faculty leader rotation, program specific requirements, and academic needs.



Overloads: If you are delivering and grading academic content, you will receive overload pay.  Pay is in accordance with individual faculty rank and is not tied to the credits delivered, nor to the number of students on the program.  In other words, each academic faculty will receive one overload. The overload pay may be delivered between multiple checks, with the first payment appearing two weeks after the start of the program.

Modified per diem cash advance: Study Abroad staff determines an individual per diem based on the destination and provisions of each individual program.  The cash advanced is received two weeks prior to departure. 

 Covered expenses include:
  • Three meals a day (some meals are prepaid based on the program itinerary)
  • Incidentals (such as coffees, waters, snacks)
  • Limited personal calls
  • Round trip international flight, program housing, and program-related ground transportation.

  • International flight dates or route can be modified to fit personal faculty needs. Study Abroad will cover the first $100. Any flight charges in excess of $100 are responsibility of the individual faculty.  Details must be coordinated with Study Abroad in advance of ticketing.
  • Spouse, family members, and other personal guests are not to participate in short term programs.
  • Be sensible regarding unnecessary, excessive expenses. Stay within the budget.
  • Significant changes to the itinerary and or budget require prior approval by Study Abroad.
Responsibilities/Activities of Each Faculty Leading a Program:
  • Represent program at Study Abroad Fairs in October and in January/February (6 hrs).
  • Prepare syllabus for each program course. Syllabi should be submitted to Academic Dean and Study Abroad at least one term in advance of program departure.
  • Coordinate, advertise, and hold 2 program specific information meetings in the term prior to departure (2 hrs).
  • Participate in program advisor training (4 hours split throughout the academic year)
  • Assist Study Abroad in developing and confirming detailed itineraries.
  • Offer feedback on industry visits and guest lecturers in conjunction with local host and Study Abroad.
  • Participate in Student Study Abroad Orientation (4 hrs).
  • Assign academic/cultural pre-departure work to participants (required 10 hrs prior to departure).
  • Coordinate student rooming lists, where necessary.
  • Oversee all daily operations on the ground throughout the duration of the program.
  • Provide oversight for student code of conduct and study abroad participation agreement policies with the student group in cooperation with Study Abroad.  
  • Communicate directly with Study Abroad regarding any crisis or student concern.
  • Manage program expenses, keep all receipts, complete post program Actual Cash Expenses form.
  • Submit all necessary financial paperwork to Study Abroad within two weeks of returning to the US.
  • Provide a written overview of the program including constructive feedback for program improvement and development to Study Abroad.