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ABRD Placeholder and Transfer (TR) Credit

When the courses delivered overseas are not from the JWU catalog, JWU students schedule at JWU for a generic, non-graded ABRD#### placeholder course that is simply holding the space until the formal, printed transcript is received from the international partner after the program is completed. The ABRD placeholder course will not appear on your GPS because the Grad Planning System only shows gradable courses.
It is MANDATORY to meet with a Providence Study Abroad Advisor to review the program course equivalency information in order to make official notes directly on the GPS about the planned use of credits. The official notes serve 2 functions:
  • The notes are required in order to be able to register for the ABRD course.  
  • The notes are the only way to notify the larger Student Academic Services system about which JWU graduation requirements will actually be satisfied, in the future, by the international courses/grades transferred back to JWU.  Remember, the JWU graduation requirements intend to be satisfied by international courses will not appear as "in-progress".  Everyone must reference the notes. 
Study Abroad follows the university Transfer Policy.  In order to be eligible for transfer credit, the course must be similar in level, content and duration to JWU courses in the program of study.  Additionally, only courses with earned grades of C or higher (2.00 GPA) will be accepted.  Courses that carry grades of “Pass” (P) are also acceptable for transfer providing credit was awarded, and the grade of P carries a numeric GPA value of 2.00 or greater.  Credits earned in developmental and remedial, English as a second Language courses, or CEUs (continuing education units) are nontransferable.
It is the university's policy to accept credits, but not grades. Only grades earned at Johnson & Wales University are calculated into the cumulative grade point average. Transfer credits appear on your GPS as "TR" and are not calculated into your GPA.
In addition, there is a limit to the number of transfer credits a student can bring into their JWU degree.  Students must meet the university's residency requirements.  Residency requirement refers to the number of credits students must take at JWU to be eligible for a degree or certificate, whether they are transfer students or JWU students acquiring an additional degree. Please talk with your Academic Counselor if you have any concerns.