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Course Equivalency Process

If you are participating on an Exchange or Affiliate program where you must choose what courses you want to take from the study abroad host university, you must complete the Study Abroad Exchange and Affiliate Course Equivalency Form.
All foreign courses must first be given a JWU equivalent by an International Credentials Evaluator before a course may be counted towards a JWU degree credit or graduation requirement.  If an equivalency has not been approved, foreign credits may be applied as “Unused Courses” on your Grad Planning System (GPS) until the following steps have been completed.

After meeting with your Study Abroad Advisor to review Study Abroad program options and to ensure you understand your degree and overall academic planning, and once you are accepted into an Exchange or an Affiliate Provider program, follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Electronically complete the form using the following resources:
    • Study Abroad Website: Courses available at host institution, including existing JWU equivalencies
    • JWU Academic Resources: Grad Planning System, Course Projections
  • Step 2: Submit form electronically via email to Providence Study Abroad Advisor.
    • A weblink or electronic course description and/or complete syllabus must be submitted with this form for each of the foreign courses not listed on the JWU program brochure.
  • Step 3: Providence Study Abroad shares course equivalency requests and support documents to the Providence International Credentials Evaluator.
  • Step 4: The International Credentials Evaluator identifies equivalencies to Providence Study Abroad staff and Transfer Services staff.
  • Step 5: Providence Study Abroad uploads the form with the approvals/denials to your Study Abroad on-line account and emails you with next steps.
  • Step 6: Providence Study Abroad makes notes in your degree audit related to the appropriate use of the approved equivalencies.
  • Step 7: You will be registered for the ABRD placeholder course if the official notes are placed in your degree audit.
All forms must be typed and transmitted electronically; handwritten forms will not be accepted. 
Download the Study Abroad Exchange and Affiliate Course Equivalency Form here.