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When there are more eligible applications than spaces on a program, there is a waitlist proccess. A waitlist notification means that you do meet the eligibility requirements of your 1st-choice program, but that the program is capped at a certain number. That number is identified on each individual program's online description. 

We will notify you immediately if a spot becomes available. Roster movement may happen up to the date of the general pre-departure orientation for the term of the program.
To provide more detail, after each application cycle, Study Abroad will wait for all accepted students to show proof of their commitment by the required deadline. Shortly after that deadline, Study Abroad will review our rosters to see if any spots are available.  If possible, we will move you onto your 1st-choice program and you will be notified immediately.
When on the waitlist, in the hope that a spot becomes available, you must ensure you are able to make a quick and informed decision to commit to the program.  Due to time constraints when your spot becomes available, you may only have several days to make your determination.  Please take the following steps now to best prepare yourself:
  • Meet with your academic counselor to discuss your study abroad intentions and determine how the study abroad courses fit into your degree requirements and also review necessary course prerequisite requirements.
  • Meet with your financial counselor now to discuss your study abroad intentions and your overall financial plan.
However, if a spot on your 1st-choice program does not opened for you, Study Abroad will contact you and you will have the choice to (a) discuss program alternatives or (b) remain on the waitlist for your 1st-choice program for early admittance the following year.

If you move onto an active roster of any program, you will not be on the waitlist for any other program. Applicants will only be considered for one program at a time.  So, if you later change your mind and want to move back to the waitlist of your 1st-choice program, you will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.