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How to become a Study Abroad Ambassador

What is a Study Abroad Ambassador?

This elite force has strong ties to not only the JWU, but also international community. Our solid network brings together motivated, game-changing, scholars and serves as a platform of growth and professional development as you enrich your undergraduate portfolio. 

It’s a one term minimum commitment of providing study abroad insight to prospective SA program participants by:
  • Working information booths around campus
  • Delivering 10-15 min SA presentations during class room visits
  • Be in charge of a table at the study abroad fair (all materials will be provided and you’ll have chance to network with thousands of students and faculty)
  • Participate in orientation, pre-departure, and re-entry programs
  • Answer questions from prospective Study Abroad students interested in the experience as a whole or the specific program you engaged with
As an ambassador, you can receive reference letters upon request and consistent internationalized networking through JWU Global. 

Providence, Rhode Island Campus
Study Abroad Ambassadors on the Providence Campus are lead by our On Campus Recruiter.

North Miami, Florida Campus
Study Abroad Ambassadors in North Miami will be advised by Nicole Graham. Nicole is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about volunteering with Study Abroad in North Miami.

Charlotte, North Carolina Campus
Study Abroad Ambassadors in Charlotte will be advised by Charmaine Moses. Tracy is excited to engage with Study Abroad Alumni at the Charlotte campus.

Denver, Colorado Campus
On the Denver Campus, the Ambassador program is overseen by Study Abroad Advisor Keith Wallace. An avid traveler, Keith is very passionate about helping students earn similar opportunities abroad and is highly eager to work with our future Ambassadors!

What do Study Abroad Ambassadors do?

A Study Abroad Ambassador serves for an academic year. 

Ambassadors help out with one event for the office per month. An example would be the Study Abroad Fair in the Fall in which many of our international partners visit Johnson & Wales and current students can explore international education options. We love having Study Abroad Alumni around to share their experiences. Another would be helping to work various info booths around campus as Study Abroad Advisors see fit. Perpetuating the enthusiasm and positivity linked with studying abroad is our main goal on each campus!

How do I become an Ambassador?

The process is simple.
Please email the following information to the respective Study Abroad Advisor from your campus:

Charmaine Moses, Charlotte, NC -
Nicole Graham, North Miami, FL -
Keith Wallace, Denver, Colorado -

1. Name and Experience you engaged with
ex. Rylie Seaver -Nature-Based Tourism in South Africa

2. Campus you are primarily based in
ex. Providence Downcity

3. The best way to contact you by prospective Study Abroad students and current Study Abroad Staff
ex. email or phone number (or both!)