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Payment Schedule

Application fee: $35.  The non-refundable application fee is required before your application will be reviewed.  Pay it on-line within your Study Abroad application process.

If you are interested in more than one program during one term, on your application you can list your second choice program. Pay the application fee once.  There is no need to pay any additional application fees.

If you are interested in participating in two programs back-to-back over two different terms, complete an on-line application for both programs and submit two separate $35 application fees.

Deposit upon acceptance: A deposit is not required.

Program Payment: When you schedule for study abroad courses, SAFS will generate an invoice for the upcoming term.  Monitor your typical JWU billing process and make all payments directly to Student Academic & Financial Services (SAFS) on any of the four JWU campuses.

Final payment of the JWU SFS invoice is due in accordance with normal university Term Start requirements for the term you are studying abroad. Students not meeting this date will have SFS holds placed on their accounts and will not be permitted to participate in study abroad until all holds are cleared.  Should you arrive abroad and still have a hold on your account, you will be given 24-48 hours to resolve the hold before being removed from the program housing and courses.