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Withdrawal Policy

Due to JWU’s transition from trimesters to semesters, there are two versions of the withdrawal policy.  One version applies to any program currently running and includes all programs through August 2020.  The new version applies to any program starting Fall 2020 and forward.  As a result, please be sure to know the withdrawal policy applied to your study abroad experience:

For all programs through Summer 2020

For all programs starting Fall 2020 and forward:
On the date listed below for the term in which the Study Abroad program starts I am held financially responsible for my Commitment Status to the Study Abroad program.  Any withdrawal or dismissal from the University or Study Abroad after that date will result in Study Abroad late withdrawal penalties posted to my JWU financial account.

Dates on which Commitment Status Carries Financial Responsibility:
  • June 1 for programs starting in fall term
  • October 1 for programs starting in winter term
  • December 15 for programs starting in spring term
  • March 15 for programs starting in summer term

If I withdraw or am dismissed prior to the date listed above, there are no financial penalties.

If I withdraw or am dismissed after the date listed above, I will be charged for a portion of the Program cost. The amount that will be charged is based on the date of withdrawal as well as the Program start date. Please refer to the Withdrawal/Fee Chart below for exact amounts.
Withdrawal/Fee Chart
Withdraw or Dismissal after the Commitment date above and: The JWU late withdrawal penalty is:
76+ days before program start date $500
60-75 days before program start date $1000
30-59 days before program start date $1500
15-29 days before program start date $3000
1-14 days before program start date $4000
On or after program start date Balance of full program
  • In addition, financial aid may need to be adjusted.
If the program host withdrawal fees exceed JWU’s withdrawal penalty, I am responsible for reimbursing JWU for those additional fees which were paid by JWU on my behalf in anticipation of committed participation in the Program.

All withdrawals must be in writing via letter or e-mail to JWU Study Abroad at A telephone call will not be sufficient. The date on which the e-mail or letter is received will be the formal date of withdrawal.
This withdrawal policy applies to withdrawals or dismissals from the Program for any reason. If withdrawn or dismissed because of failure to meet financial or academic requirements, or due to violations of the Student Code of Conduct, the effective date will be determined by JWU.
In the case of withdrawal or dismissal after the program start date, I must separate from the program and make my own travel or housing arrangements, at personal expense, for departure from the Program.