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Wallet-Friendly Programs

When it is important to be fiscally responsible, study abroad can still be planned into your academic career:

· Plan ahead and use the benefit of time to save money.

· Review program financials and compare with same course load plus housing on campus. Talk with SFS about your financial package.
· Build a detailed budget to know what you need to save in order to cover tuition, fees, housing, flight, passport, and meals.  Keep in mind the currency exchange rate!
· Apply for the JWU Global Study Abroad Scholarship.  Other outside scholarships may be available as well.  Talk with a Study Abroad Advisor.


JWU Faculty-Led Programs
JWU Where Rugged Meets Responsible: Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica (4.5 cr)
JWU Sustainable Community Wellness and Nutrition in Latin America (4.5 cr)
JWU Sustainability, Community Engagement & Leadership in Nepal (4.5 cr)
JWU Fashion in Italy (13.5 cr)
Affiliate Programs
API in Havana, Cuba: Summer Language & Culture (delivered in Spanish only) (9-13.5 cr)
API in London, England: University of Westminster Direct Enrollment summer (13.5 cr)
CIEE Summer Accelerated Chinese Language Program in Shanghai, China (13.5 cr)
CISabroad Summer Business & Economics, Prague (13.5 cr)
CISabroad Semester in Business & Economics, Prague (18 cr)
CISabroad Semester in Thailand (22.5 cr)
JWU Italian Baking & Pastry and Culture (13.5 cr)
JWU Italian Cuisine and Culture (13.5 cr)
Affiliate Programs with highly flexible credit or duration options
Florence University of the Arts
CIEE Open Campus
Exchange partner with housing  scholarship
Sejong University (22.5 cr)