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Wallet-Friendly Programs

When it is important to be fiscally responsible, study abroad can still be planned into your academic career:

· Plan ahead and use the benefit of time to save money.

· Review program financials and compare with same course load plus housing on campus. Talk with SFS about your financial package.
· Build a detailed budget to know what you need to save in order to cover tuition, fees, housing, flight, passport, and meals.  Keep in mind the currency exchange rate!
· Apply for the JWU Global Study Abroad Scholarship.  Other outside scholarships may be available as well.  Talk with a Study Abroad Advisor.


JWU Faculty-Led Programs
JWU Where Rugged Meets Responsible: Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica (4.5 cr)
JWU Sustainable Community Wellness and Nutrition in Latin America (4.5 cr)
JWU Sustainability, Community Engagement & Leadership in Nepal (4.5 cr)
JWU Fashion in Italy (13.5 cr)
Affiliate Programs
API in Havana, Cuba: Summer Language & Culture (delivered in Spanish only) (9-13.5 cr)
API in London, England: University of Westminster Direct Enrollment summer (13.5 cr)
CIEE Summer Accelerated Chinese Language Program in Shanghai, China (13.5 cr)
CISabroad Summer Business & Economics, Prague (13.5 cr)
CISabroad Semester in Business & Economics, Prague (18 cr)
CISabroad Semester in Thailand (22.5 cr)
JWU Italian Baking & Pastry and Culture (13.5 cr)
JWU Italian Cuisine and Culture (13.5 cr)
Affiliate Programs with highly flexible credit or duration options
Florence University of the Arts - American University of Florence
CIEE Open Campus
Exchange partner with housing  scholarship
Sejong University (22.5 cr)