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The Web is the best resource for researching study abroad scholarship information.  Scholarships vary widely in their eligibility requirements for both you and your chosen program. You may be eligible for scholarships based on the type of experience you are seeking or your personal or family profile.

You can visit and select "resources for students" or click here to be connected to the IIE Study Abroad Scholarship search engine.

For examples of the various scholarship opportunities available for study a
broad, click here: JWU Scholarships for Study Abroad

1. Know your program: academic term, length of program, country or region of destination and field of study.

2. When searching for scholarships, consider that some scholarships are available based on personal and family affiliations, i.e., heritage, religious groups, sexual orientation, region of residence, major field of study, GPA and financial need.

Remember that a scholarship does not have to specifically be a study abroad scholarship. Many general scholarships can still be applied to a study abroad experience through JWU.

Check your local state of residence for grant options. For example, the Rhode Island Foundation has money available for students who are Rhode Island residents, who attended a particular high school or reside in a certain city, etc. There is even a scholarship for JWU athletes from Rhode Island.

The following scholarships are some examples of the funding opportunities that may be available to you:

JWU Scholarships: General Scholarships:
Affiliate and Partner University Scholarships:
Major and Country Specific Scholarships:
Other Resources:

• Remember to submit your summer estimate to Student Financial Services to plan for summer programs.

• If you already have an external scholarship, ask your scholarship provider if they will cover your Study Abroad program.

• Contact your JWU financial planner if you are awarded an external scholarship.