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Announcements : PVD: Book a class visit or info session!

Announcement: PVD: Book a class visit or info session!

Interested in having a study abroad representative come speak to your class, residence hall or student organization?
The study abroad department is actively seeking RA’s, faculty members, and student leaders who are interested in collaborating with us during the school year. Our past experience shows that working with JWU community members tends to be one of the most successful recruitment techniques on campus given your influential positions. Typically, an information session includes a brief 5 minute power point, 10 minute Q&A, as well as on site advising for interested students; Flyers, tattoos, bookmarks, and brochures are made available as well.

You may schedule a class visit or an info session for any day/time depending on availability. 

Reserve your session date with Rylie Seaver ( or call (401) 598-1961. Please do not hesitate to connect with her regarding any questions, suggestions or requests that you may have, we look forward to working with you!