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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Fact Sheet:
Program Type: Study Abroad Language of Instruction: English
Housing Options: Apartment Minimum GPA: 2.75
Class/Credit Status: 02 Sophomore, 03 Junior, 04 Senior Areas of Study: Advertising, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Art & Design, Baking & Pastry Arts, Business Studies, Communication, Counseling, Creative Advertising, Culinary Arts, Culinary Nutrition, Cultural Studies, Enology, Environmental Studies, Event Management, Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing, Food Service Management, Foreign Language, Graphic Design & Digital Media, History, Hospitality Studies, Italian, Journalism, Literature, Management, Marketing, Nutrition, Political Science, Restaurant, Food & Beverage Management, Sommelier, Tourism & Hospitality Management
Program Model: JWU Term
Program Description:
HostAcademic OverviewProgram Manager | Housing
Meals | Flights | Student Conduct | Orientation
Florence University of the Arts
Florence Univ of the Arts 1
Florence University of the Arts Vision, Mission, and Values
FUA Academic Calendars
FUA Course Listing by Session
FUA Extracurricular Activities
Prospective Students - Arrival, Housing etc
FUA Fast Facts

Supplemental FUA Course Fees - Winter and Spring 2018.pdf
Supplemental FUA Course Fees - Summer 2018.pdf

Supplemental FUA Course Fees - Fall 2018.pdf
Supplemental FUA Course Fees - Winter and Spring 2019.pdf

On this program, you will be a student of Florence University of the Arts in Italy. You will take academic courses delivered in English by the faculty of this host university. While studying abroad, you will be able to participate in student activities, gain local knowledge of Florence, and meet other local and international students. For the most part, outside of your course schedule, you are free to structure your experience to meet your personal and professional goals.

Students have access to the many departments at FUA. Flexible academic sessions are offered throughout the year. An exceptionally broad and stimulating curriculum is available through diverse areas of studies and academic disciplines. In addition to academics, studying abroad with FUA features several experiential components such as educational field-trips, getting involved in the local culture through community service and volunteer opportunities, and extracurricular activities. US credit is available for all periods of study. FUA's dedicated staff assists students through every step of getting you to Florence, from admissions to academics and housing. Studying abroad at FUA is characterized by the institution’s efforts in cultural integration. The institution’s position places FUA in direct contact with the city’s culture, movements, and events. 

Florence University of the Arts gathers:
  • APICIUS: International School of Hospitality
  • DIVA: School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts
  • FAST: School of Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology
  • IDEAS: School of Interior Design, Environmental Architecture and Sustainability
  • ISB: International School of Business
  • J SCHOOL: School of Journalism, Communication and Publishing
  • SAS: School of Arts and Sciences
  • SQUOLA: Center for Cultural and Italian Studies
  • School Of Graduate Studies
Session Options
FUA offers a wide range of term schedules, however only the following session combinations are allowed for JWU students. The selected ranges continue to offer a wide variety of choice:

It is important to note that FUA offers 2 different kinds of courses - Regular courses and Experiential Learning (EL) courses. If a course has the words Special Project Experiential Learning in the title, that is an EL course.  You are strongly encouraged to explore these opportunities which provide relevant education not just as students, but as a global citizens, emphasizing workplace application, career enhancement, personal growth, ethical decision making and leadership skills.

Special Project Experiential Learning placements are located at FUA's own fashion, baking & pastry, or culinary store fronts which are academic retail facilities open to the public.  EL courses are suggested for those students who want to have limited work-life exposure in a guided academic, English-speaking environment.  These courses are unique opportunities to integrate with the city of Florence and enhance your civic learning and local engagement.

EL courses require a resume and cover letter as well as a skype interview with the FUA placement coordinator.  The details will all be organized directly with FUA during the pre-departure phase 3-4 months prior to program departure.

JWU Fall Quarter
Session Semester Credits Quarter Credits Program Duration
FUA Fall Session II 3 4.5 3 weeks
FUA Fall Session II 6 9 3 weeks
FUA Fall Session II+ Intersession III 6 9 4 weeks
FUA Fall Session II+ Intersession III
This session is best for Tutto Toscana (Explained below)
9 13.5 4 weeks
FUA Fall Session II+ Intersession III +
Fall Session III
6 9 7 weeks
FUA Fall Session II+ Intersession III +
Fall Session III
9 13.5 7 weeks
FUA Fall Session II+ Intersession III +
Fall Session III+ Intersession IV
9 13.5 8 weeks
FUA Fall Session I+Intersession II +
Fall Session II + Intersession III +
Fall Session III


22.5 (SHARP only)

11 weeks
TuttoToscana Program: During Fall, FUA has a wonderful program that runs Fall Session II (in Florence) and Intersession III (in NY).
TuttoToscana is a specialized Fall program that combines academic learning, event management, and event production at real events. The program name means “all things Tuscan,” and aims to interpret, with the help of its international student/faculty team, unique themes pertaining to Tuscan culture in prestigious locations. Students begin event management and preparation through three weeks of academic coursework in Florence, which concludes with a weeklong production and staging of an event cycle in an exciting location – the James Beard Foundation and a rotating line-up of other important locations in the local community.

JWU Winter Quarter
Session Semester Credits Quarter Credits Program Duration
FUA January Intersession 3 4.5 3 weeks
FUA January Intersession 6 9 3 weeks
FUA January Intersession+ Intersession I 6 9 4 weeks
FUA January Intersession+ Intersession I+ Session I 6 9 7 weeks
FUA January Intersession + Intersession I+ Session I 9 13.5 7 weeks
FUA January Intersession+ Intersession I+ Session I+ Intersession II 9 13.5 8 weeks
JWU Spring Quarter
Session Semester Credits Quarter Credits Program Duration
FUA Spring Session III 3 4.5 3 weeks
FUA Spring Session III 6 9 3 weeks
FUA Spring Session III+ Intersession IV 6 9 4 weeks
FUA Spring Session III+ Intersession IV+ Spring Session IV 6 9 7 weeks
FUA Spring Session III+ Intersession IV+ Spring Session IV 9 13.5 7 weeks
Session Semester Credits Quarter Credits Program Duration
FUA Summer II 3 4.5 3 weeks
FUA Summer II 6 9 3 weeks
FUA Summer III 3 4.5 3 weeks
FUA Summer III 6 9 3 weeks
FUA Summer IV 3 4.5 3 weeks
FUA Summer IV 6 9 3 weeks
Mix and Match Any of the Above Options 6-15 9-18 (22.5 SHARP only) 6-9 weeks
FUA Summer VI 9 13.5 4 weeks
Florence Univ of the Arts 2Total Credit Hours Earned Abroad On This Program:
  • 4.5, 9 or 13.5 quarter credits based on the FUA session(s) you select.
A list of known credit/course equivalencies is available on the Student Academic Services Transfer Evaluation System (TES) website. If you would like to take courses abroad that do not appear on the list of known credit/course equivalencies, we will help you request a new course equivalency. You are required to complete a Study Abroad Exchange and Foreign Course Equivalency Form for your academic plan abroad in order to coordinate your plan with Study Abroad and SAS. Contact your Study Abroad Advisor for assistance in completing and submitting the course equivalency form.

Since host courses are not from the JWU catalog, you will schedule at JWU for a generic placeholder course that is holding the space for the host courses completed abroad. You will only be able to schedule for the placeholder course if you shared your final academic plan with SAS and official summary notes have been written in your JWU degree audit.

Upon completion of the program, the host will send an official transcript to JWU Study Abroad. Previously approved courses which are successfully passed will be applied to the JWU transcript as transfer credit. The typical timeline for your JWU transcript to be updated is 3-5 months.

Student Status: 
Must demonstrate you are a current Johnson & Wales University student or a matriculating student at another academic institution.

Elizabeth Allsworth

FUA does offer university accommodations. JWU has chosen shared apartment housing for participants.  Students are housed in apartments throughout the historic center of Florence, within a 15-20 walk to Palazzi and FUA facilities.  FUA notifies JWU of your housing address assignment only 2 weeks prior to the program start date. You may be housed with JWU and other FUA students, however you will not know your roommates until arrival.

The apartments are fully furnished and fully functional. Utilities are included in the housing cost. The standard layout of the apartments consists of multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms (variable), kitchen, living/dining room space. The bedrooms range from single bedrooms for one occupant (limited availability) to triple bedrooms, with the occasional quad space. Shared bedrooms can host 2 to 4 occupants. Although apartments are of the same standard and have similar facilities, no two apartments are alike. They are not all located in the same neighborhood, but are all within walking distance to our campuses or the nearest bus route.  

Any upgrade in housing will be covered at your personal expense and will need to be paid directly to FUA.

The apartments in Florence include basic kitchen equipment and are near local grocery stores.  Plan to make the majority of your meals at home.

In addition, a supplemental Florence University of the Arts FUA Meal Plan.pdf provides you with a meal card loaded with 5 meal plan units per week for use at university run restaurants, Ganzo and Fedora, to supplement 1-2 additional meals per week.  More details and instructions will be provided upon your arrival to FUA.

Florence Univ of the Arts 3Only purchase flights AFTER FUA has confirmed your enrollment. The FUA confirmation document will reiterate which course session(s) you are enrolled in.  An overview of FUA session dates is located on the FUA website available through a link at the top of this brochure.  Do not reference any dates provided by the JWU website as they are not tailored to your individual academic plan which varies between students and their chosen 3, 4, 7, or 8 week options.  It is important to be very clear about the FUA duration of your courses.

Housing is not available early and once all your courses are completed, you must depart the FUA housing.  Please plan your flight accordingly or organize your own youth hostel or hotel reservation.

You must be in good standing with your campus's office of Student Conduct or Student Affairs for the dates of the program.

Each program has a mandatory orientation process which starts the term before your program starts. Failure to participate in the various meetings listed below may jeopardize your ability to participate in the program.

Pre-departure meetings vary according to the program model and typically include discussions, on-line resources, and assignments to ensure you understand your specific program, the courses, housing, costs and other related details. These meetings may be a combination of in-person and web-based meeting formats.

An in-person Study Abroad Retreat is scheduled on each campus with advertised dates, times, and locations to discuss topics relevant to all study abroad programs. 

An in-country Orientation is included upon arrival to your program for on-site information and program reminders.

The most rewarding part of my program was traveling alone and doing it successfully. The most surprising part was how many people actually spoke english.
     — Cayla Martin, Winter Quarter 2017
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Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Winter Quarter 2018-2019 09/01/2018 ** Depends on Application Date 01/03/2019 02/22/2019
NOTE: Specific program options are outlined on the JWU program brochure and related dates are articulated within the FUA calendar. Start and end dates do vary.
Spring Quarter 2019 11/15/2018 ** Depends on Application Date 03/24/2019 05/09/2019
NOTE: Specific program options are outlined on the JWU program brochure and related dates are articulated within the FUA calendar. Start and end dates do vary.

** Indicates final application deadline date for this program. Applications are processed in batches. It may be possible to apply to an earlier batch application deadline. Please see the full list of application deadlines, notification dates, and required commitment dates.